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recommend me queer webcomics pls im dying

*rolls up sleeves* my time has come

always human is scifi and very gay

honey and venom is about a gay goddess in a modern world

eerie crests hasn’t really started yet but it looks really good and gay

tripping over you is about a queer couple

o human star is scifi and gay and one of the mcs is trans

go get a roomie is a comc made up of four page strips and it’s so good (the first like 3 chapters are mostly lesbian sex jokes but eventually there’s a plot)

super cakes is about a superhero couple

milkshakes is short and cute

lady of the shard is incredible and gay and takes place in SPACE

monster pop is honestly precious

14 nights is queer and nsfw and the art is soooooo good

the epic adventures of tj and amal: gay roadtrip (nsfw in places)

the witches bakery is adorable although it hasn’t been updated in a while

bad bad things is an apocalypse comic with all queer main characters

desert rose is about a trans boy and is fantasy

goth western is about a lady couple, one of whom necromanced the other back to life

heavy horns  is pretty gay

full-spectrum therapy is horror and very queer and VERY PRETTY i read it for the first time like 2 days ago but i’m in love

ok I love this and I’m gonna add some: 

Sharp Zero is p gay and with lots of superheroes and just-so inclusive and good! 

Rock and Riot pastel gays in the 50s and it’s wonderful

Griefer Belt a criminal slice of life (p violent but also so fluffy and nsfw in some places) 

HotBlood! a centaur and his boyfriend in the old american west

Princess Princess this! is! just! so! cute!

George and Johnny super gay and super cute

Les Normaux the love lives of modern monsters in paris

Blossom Boys your average miscommunication in a flower shop story

As the Crow Flies Gay and trans kids having a hard time at a christian summer camp. Slow moving but beautiful, intersectional and hurty. Really well done, by the same artist who did the mermaid wedding.

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