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February 20 2017

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Our first downloadable guide covers 10 ways to be Feminist Media Activist. Download, distribute & share. 

February 18 2017

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Tasseography is the divination or art of telling fortunes by interpreting the symbols in tea leaves and coffee grounds. This piece is inspired by this art that has been handed down through the Armenian women of my family. The illustration shows the coffee plant growing out of the sleeves of the hands holding the cup with a top border of oriental poppies.

This is a 4 color (5 layer) screen print.

I foresee…

A world without borders.
The end of capitalism.
Decolonization and Self-Determination.
The return of the trees, salmon, wolves and bees.
The smashing of the patriarchy.
Justice for our communities.
Reproductive rights for all.
Queer liberation.

You can get one HERE.

-Entangled Roots Press

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this cracked me up bc my water pipes are noisy like this too

Triple Concerto for plumbing, faucet, and violin.

I promise you will not regret unmuting this

February 13 2017

February 11 2017

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valentines day for nerds

Is it too early for these?


February 10 2017

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#resist (at Tacoma, Washington)


bisexual girls are great pass it on

a list of untranslatable words ☕️


cafuné - brazilian portuguese: the act of running one’s fingers, gently but deeply, through someone else’s hair
積ん読 (tsundoku) - japanese: the act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piled up together with other such unread books
木漏れ日 (komorebi) - japanese: sunlight filtering through the trees
mångata - swedish: the roadlike reflection of moonlight on water
verklempt - yiddish: a person who is too emotional to speak
liefdesverdriet - dutch: the heartache caused from an unrequited love and the mental pains one endures; the physical pain of depression
fika - swedish/finnish: gathering together to talk and take a break from everyday routines, usually drinking coffee and eating pastries
幽玄 (yūgen) - japanese: an indescribable sentiment, can only be described as a painful awareness of the mysterious beauty and human suffering
l'esprit de l'escalier - french: the moment one finally thinks of a witty remark, far too late, after the opportunity has passed
kilig - tagalog: the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, usually when something romantic or cute takes place
いるす (irusu) - japanese: pretending to be absent from home when someone is at the door
habseligkeiten - german: personal belongings, small treasures and property, which define our happiness and sentiments
nefelibata - portuguese: cloud walker; name given to the quixotic dreamers, they appear spacey, otherworldly, but intelligent
σοφρωσύνη (sophrosyne) - greek: self-control, balance, wisdom & grace;virtue that follows the aphorisms “nothing in excess” & “know thyself"
hiraeth - welsh: homesickness for a place which never even existed. Connotations of sadness, yearning, profound nostalgia and wistfulness
torpe - tagalog: being too shy to pursue amorous desires
waldeinsamkeit - german: the feeling of being alone in the woods
litost - czech: the humiliated despair we feel when someone accidentally reminds us, trough their accomplishment, of our inadequacies
dustsceawung - old english: contemplation of the fact that dust used to be other things - the walls of a city, a book, a great tree…
duende - spanish: the spirit of evocation; the mysterious power a work of art has to deeply move a person
gattara - italian: a woman, often old and lonely, who devotes herself to stray cats
tоска - russian: a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause, a longing with nothing to long for, nostalgia
φιλότιμο (philotimo) - greek: a complex array of virtues; expressed through acts of generosity & sacrifice w/o expecting anything in return 
gezellig - dutch: abstract sensation of individual well-being that one shares with others;cozy ambience, anything pleasant, homely, friendly

February 06 2017

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February 05 2017

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things english speakers know, but don’t know we know.



when women say “i hate men” they mean it in the “stop hurting me and my sisters” kind of way, not the “i want to rape, murder and oppress you” way. you know, the way men hate women.

February 04 2017






  • last two letters of your first name
  • middle two letters of your last name
  • first two letters of your mother’s name
  • last letter of your father’s name

mine would be Urlelan. Reblog and tag this with yours!

I love this because half of the people are getting amazing, fantasy names and the other half are getting unpronounceable ones. 




February 03 2017


“being bisexual increases your dating pool!” two times zero is still zero, buddy

February 02 2017



my parents: don’t worry sweetie you’ll understand when you move out and have a house of your own :)

me, in this economy: a what

my parents: don’t worry sweetie you’ll understand when you get married and have a husband :)

me, a known gay: a what

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a woman literally died yesterday because she needed medical treatment and couldn’t get back into the country she’s lived in since 1995. you utter. fucking. morons.

update: a four-month-old baby who lives in Iran but has family who are American citizens in Oregon was scheduled to undergo urgent heart surgery at a hospital in Portland on February 5; she and her parents are now being denied entry to the United States. these kinds of surgeries take months to plan, and doctors have advised the family that the procedure needs to happen as soon as possible to save the child’s life.

so far, the consequences of the executive orders that “aren’t going to take anything from you or hurt anyone” include the death of a 75-year-old woman and the denial of life-saving medical treatment to a 4-month-old baby. get your fucking heads out of your asses you insensate bastards.

Sources please

there are literally links right there in my comments. what do you want me to do, come to your house and click them for you?

January 31 2017

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How I want my bank account to look like by 25.

Claiming it.

Waaaaay up 🙏🏾

11:11am on the receipt.

Reblog for prosperity, and success. May you always have what you need.

That’s what I’m saying

In other words, this is the ATM receipt, reblog and money will come your way.

Doesn’t hurt to try.


Please lord.

If it’s in my bank account I’m taking it and running.

I need this shit

January 30 2017

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Kat Blaque - Unfunny Transmisogynistic tropes + trans comedy

Obvious content warnings for this video apply, including transmisogyny, transphobia, and violence.

January 29 2017

To Clear Up Any Confusion

aesthetic asks


raindrops: what’s your favourite song to unwind?

scented candles: do you enjoy reading? if so what’s your favourite book?

chai latte: your starbucks/coffee order?

fairy lights: do you sleep with the lights on or off?

peaches: do you enjoy photography?

summer nights: summer or winter? or perhaps something else?

neon lights: describe what you’d do at 2am with your best friends

winged eyeliner: do you wear makeup?

bath bombs: what’s your favourite lush product?

soft kisses: ever kissed someone of the same sex?

fire crackles: describe your ideal winters evening

spring flowers: what’s your favourite flower/plant?

messy buns: if you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?

warm tea: what’s your favourite tea? if you don’t like tea, what’s your favourite drink?

full moon: do you prefer the stars or the moon? tracing constellations with your eyes or picking the petals off of flowers?

constellations: do you have freckles? any that resemble anything celestial?

young love: have you ever fallen in love? if so describe how you felt

holding hands: kisses or cuddles? stay-at-home dates or out-and-about ones?

cold mornings: what time do you wake up? are you an early bird or a night owl?

sleepy cuddles: lace or silk? nights in sheets with the one you love or afternoons hand-in-hand?

January 23 2017

to be nobody-but-yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you like everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight;
and never stop fighting.
— e.e. cummings (via visual-poetry)
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