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June 11 2017


me: i want love

also me: doesn’t like dating apps, doesn’t go out, doesn’t put herself out there, always falls for unavailable people, is kinda ugly anyways

June 10 2017



Gold Dust Woman
Black Magic Woman
The Chain

June 07 2017


my stance on spiders is clear: they are all assholes, have no respect for private property, shows no understanding of the concept of personal space, and the numbers of legs they possess is, quite frankly, excessive 

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Happy Pride Month 2017!!!


May 10 2017











Some advice for dressmakers:

1. Pockets are a thing.
2. Breasts are a thing.

Leave room in your design for both.

#I’m looking at you summer dresses #made for people with flat chests#and no material possessions they need to carry with them (via @ticktockclockwork)

Yep, this is a real problem. From a design stand point it saves fabric and time since you don’t have to add any darts or pockets, and they go with the premise that a flat square shape should fit everyone without having to make much changes to the pattern (except to make it bigger or smaller). This whole one-size-fits-all mentality in fashion is so flawed, and actually impractical, it really annoys me how teachers let it slide in college and how the apparel industry continues to spew it year after year.

As someone who has breasts (DDD-H depending on what manufacturer I’m talking to) and loves pockets, let me wholeheartedly recommend eshakti.com. I started buying dresses from them in November and I love them. They will customize necklines, hemlines, etc., for a $9.95 flat fee, they will customize to your measurements if you don’t fit a standard size, and I’ve really enjoyed all my dresses from them. Most of their dresses come in sizes from XS to 6XL Feel free to message or send me an ask if you have specific questions! 






Here’s a link, fellow vertebrates. Do yourself a favor and go shop your heart out. 


@ ladies of Catholic Tumblr, hijab-wearing gals, sensitive-skinned or heavily-scarred individuals, or anyone who feels more comfortable with more coverage – every dress I looked at had hemline options. Be no longer confined by the drudgery of unnecessary-leggings-under-cute-skirt-that’s-just-a-LITTLE-too-short! (Note: not all of them had options to cover all the way to ankles and wrists, but all the ones I saw had options that AT LEAST: went to the knee, covered the shoulders*, and covered cleavage.)

{Also bears mentioning that a lot of these look like they’d be cute layering pieces. So even if you have to do a little mix-and-match to get full collarbone-to-wrist-to-ankle coverage, you can make it look like a fashion choice instead of several pieces of awkward-fitting clothing duct taped together under a trench coat.}

A lot of them also had options for different neckline shapes – which is great if you’re like me and you find that certain necklines are really unflattering, or are majorly in love with a specific neckline that’s usually hard to find (ahem, Queen Anne & non-sleeveless-sweetheart)

I haven’t ordered from them yet, so I can’t speak for quality, but just scrolling through it looks amazing. Will definitely hit them up next time I need to stock up on work or dressy clothes.

[[*except one very angular dress that was structured in such a way that it wouldn’t look right with sleeves – basically anything that looks like it COULD plausibly be cut longer without compromising the dress’s most basic silhouette/look/shape, you can get cut longer]]


Reblogging for that post, as well as to say that the quality is unfailingly excellent.



eshakti is life-giving, I have a few dresses from them and they are all favorites - they can be a bit pricey but are so, so, so, so worth it, they are well made and will last forever if well cared for.


bi women & lesbians don’t owe anyone private information about their past sexual/romantic partners or their lived experiences or when they realized they’re bi or lesbian. they don’t need to offer up that information about themselves to “prove” that they’re actually bi or lesbian. 

if a bi woman says she’s bi but has a preference for women or for men, she’s bi. if a lesbian says she’s a lesbian but has dated men in the past, she’s a lesbian. if a bi woman used to ID as lesbian / if a lesbian used to ID as bi it doesn’t negate who they are. they will never have to supplement that information with “real” radical metrics or whatever and if you expect that of them then you’re a shitty person. 

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April 22 2017

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Hauntingly Beautiful Driftwood Sculptures by Nagato Iwasaki

Japanese artist Nagato Iwasaki is an elusive artist whose conceptual sculptures evoke a sense of melancholy and sorrow amidst viewers.

Keep reading

April 18 2017


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah.

April 16 2017



maybe i’m a goddamn bleeding heart hippie liberal but i’m totally down with paying an extra .50 cents for a thing of fries if the person who makes me those fries doesn’t have to work 3 jobs just to survive.

most studies show that prices would only have to go up by 1 to 3 cents in order to raise employee wages significantly

or, you know, the ceo’s could take pay cuts but that would be so hard for the poor multimillionaires



this is going to sound like such a Tumblr Story but I swear it’s happening as i type but like. outside my dorm window these guys were playing catch and they asked their friend to join him and i heard something muttered and then the other guy was like “you’re in college and you don’t know how to throw a football?” and like up in my room i was grimacing bc here come the Gay Sissy jokes obviously but instead - the kid goes “that’s okay! we’ll teach you.” and for the last hour they’ve been teaching him how to play like i’ve been listening and i guess you want to catch with your fingertips and use your elbows and bend your knees and think about your wrists and they’re …? actually being so kind and saying like ? some of the most constructive criticism i’ve ever heard surrounded by things like “oh! great job on that catch” “sweet throw! now you’re getting it!” and … my heart has never been so warm

i just wish this world like told boys… it’s okay to be like this. it’s okay to be supportive and friendly and frankly nurturing to other boys. i wish boys were allowed to be gentle and sweet and kind. boys….. be good, upturn the patriarchal standards and homophobia entrenched in this culture…. go teach a guy how to throw a ball. 

UPDATE: the guy who’s teaching just said “BEAUTIFUL throw! sorry i didn’t catch it but that was PERFECT!!” and the guy who’s learning is like “?? i… i did it good??” and the first guy just says … in the most proud voice ever like .. “bro you did it GREAT” and tbh i’m gonna cry there’s too much Good here

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Previously, I’d only seen the first two panels and assumed it was the complete comic.

This version is much better.

omg it’s so much better with the conclusion

“The systemic barrier has been removed.”

April 15 2017

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always reblog COMMUNIST TREK. <3

Star Trek is radical in so many ways people often forget.

The future that liberals want

Okay, Star Trek is somewhat inconsistent on this.

But if you apply some worldbuilding you put two things together:

1. Replicators

2. “No money.”

Futurists call this the “replicator economy” and we’re already seeing the start of it.

If I was a little bit richer, I would have bought a 3D printer last year.

When you have a 3D printer, you can download things from the internet and make them yourself for the cost of the raw materials. I have a 3D-printed cosplay prop that I printed on a library printer. They charged me the cost of the raw filament for it…it cost me less than $2 for the actual object. Probably $3-4 by the time I add in the paint. It’s made of a biologically created plastic.

In the works: Creating 3D printer filament out of old plastic shopping bags. (Which cannot be multi-stream recycled, it costs a fortune). This means that it won’t be long before a normal household can make toys and the like out of plastic shopping bags.

A true replicator uses cheap raw materials and waste to make useful things.

Let’s imagine, as an interim step, that somebody creates a clothing replicator. You feed it rags and it creates new clothes, from patterns you download from the internet.

So, you have an old T-shirt. It’s fine, but for a small hole and the pattern having rubbed off. You feed it into your clothing replicator and out comes a new T-shirt with a new design. No, we don’t have this yet, but we can and probably will.

What, at that point, happens to clothing shops? Oh, yes, you might still buy some clothes - and handmade clothing, put together by an actual human, is still going to have a cachet.

But the clothes from your replicator fit you perfectly. You don’t have a size any more. Every X months you stand in a 3D scanner, it takes every measurement, and then sends it to your replicator. If you’re pregnant (assuming we don’t have ectogenesis) you can actually have it adjust your favorite dress to make baby bump room. Just like that. The most comfortable item of clothing I own is my pleather bodysuit. Not coincidentally, it’s the only item of clothing I own that was made to my measurements.

None of what we wear fits.

So…right. What happens to clothing shops? What happens to spending large amounts of money on new clothes while we throw old clothes away or give them to Goodwill?

The economy slowly develops to the point where the means of production really is in the hands of people: As individuals.

Star Trek technology means that if Picard wants a new suit, he just programs a clothing replicator to take his measurements and make him a new suit. Some people like tailors, so Garak gets to stay in business.

And eventually, if all you actually need is raw material and information, you don’t need to buy very much…

…and you end up with a society without money. It’s not “communist” in any way that has ever been tried before because, well, it requires the underpinnings of that technology. (Just don’t think too hard about where the Enterprise’s food replicators get some of their raw material).

You end up with the only valuable thing being information and the only valuable skill being art - but it doesn’t matter, because you don’t need to work for a living any more. TNG reflects the only valuable skill being art in many ways, in fact. Data’s painting. The chamber orchestra. Geordi’s hobby of designing holodeck programs. Everyone makes art, not because it’s the one thing machines can’t do, but because it’s the one thing humans (and others) won’t let the machines take over.

And that’s absolutely a future to work towards.

You end up with the only valuable thing being information and the only valuable skill being art

Well, and raw materials. And replicators. And energy. And physical space. And a wide variety of non-material goods like club memberships. And health care. And it’ll take longer than you may think to get completely away from growing crops because plants are really fucking efficient at turning sunlight into calories. And non-art valuable skills include everyone you need to run a power plant or a mine (which is probably just people supervising the robots doing the labor, but still), probably everyone you need to run a spaceship because unless we’re really stupid all our mines are on the moon and asteroids, a wide variety of engineers to collaborate with the artists on designing new replicator patterns, replicator repairpeople, park rangers, administrators, doctors, therapists…

Oh, absolutely, but what we see in Star Trek is mature technology, a society that’s already made that transition.

Also, they do still grow crops. Picard’s family has a vineyard, after all.

Fully Automated Luxury Communism.




Fuck the idea that you can’t engage in sex acts with abstract concepts.

this is a pun but I was 100% ready to accept this post at face value

April 14 2017


some of the people that get loads of credit for being stylish are. just thin 

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…Who run The World…

April 07 2017


its not even a hundred years from WW2 where nazi ideology & white supremacy quite literally got millions of ppl systematically murdered, and some ppl still act like nazism is “just an opinion” and that “everyone’s entitled to an opinion” as if it was something akin to a favorite color or food preference instead of a violent, manipulative, dangerous propaganda

March 12 2017

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This is the money butt.

It only appears every 124078932423 posts. Reblog in 12 minutes, and money will make its way to you in the next 48 hours.

money butt god bless


I can get with this program

I mean I can’t risk it

I only have $3 so might as well

Rent due.

Reblogging because money butt!

Tonight pls!!! ❤

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