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January 01 2018

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i dunt want to explode.

I dun wanna explode either my dude

i’m okay either way but some of y’all probs want good stuff to happen

Normally I wouldn’t reblog this but the frog made me smile.

I don’t want to risk!!!!!!!!

no risking, this is my week of work xDD gotta get them vacations one way or another

I need a miracle, please and thank you!

December 29 2017

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RT @SelenaMaranjian :)


things you deserve this 2018:

  • pure love
  • a kind heart
  • prosperity
  • genuine happiness
  • honesty and transparency
  • softness
  • hope
  • good art
  • clear skin

December 28 2017

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Good News of 2017

Cause we all really need to see the good that came from this shitty year.

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A cartoon by Maggie Larson.

how dare this cartoon call me out like that

December 27 2017


so we all agree that 2018 is the year we get girlfriends


I need intimacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need closeness and tenderness and care and affection and love and softness all the fucking time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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gay culture is oversharing and bottling ur emotions up at the same time

gay culture is also being touch starved and touch repulsed at the same time

gay culture is driving people away and then crying bc ur alone




I only accept sexts in iambic pentameter

Thy beauty is beyond all earth’s compare;
Pray tell me, lover mine, what dost thou wear?

smooth tumblr strikes again

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December 26 2017

December 25 2017



If santa keeps track of “naughty” kids every “year”, and the year doesn’t start until January 1st, that leaves 6 days after Christmas and New Years left undocumented, so nothing you do can be held against you.

The Purge: Season’s Greetings.





Most men love women who possess confidence only when it makes them fun, flirty, and comfortable in their sexuality. But the second you demonstrate high standards, a strong will, and the assertiveness required to call them out of their bullshit then all of a sudden you’re a bitch.

But, not all men are like that.

Whenever a man says something stupid and/or degrading under this post, I go to his blog, and 9 times out of 10 the first thing I see is porn.

December 15 2017

Before I fall in love again

1. I want us to be friends. Which means, I want to be able to eat my favourite cheese crust pizza with you, while having cheese all over my face and even in my hair, without feeling embarrassed or concerned about it.

I want to be comfortable with you, I want to be okay about being messy, irritating, embarrassing, disgusting, petty while with you. Because I will be petty when I see my ex best friend post a happy picture and I will be messy during my finals and I will be embarrassing when I meet your parents for I suck at meeting parents. I want to be okay with being the way I am and the only way to be okay is to know that you’re okay with me being things other than beautiful, graceful and composed at all times.

2. I want to be able to have long and passionate conversations with you not just about existential things but also about what went wrong in the ending of that book and how kids are affected by media and how tomato basil combination always works. I want to have conversations where we may not always have the same views but our fundamental values always fall in place. I want to talk to you about the beauty of the stars but I also want to talk to you about the disgusting mentality behind certain societal norms.

3. I want to see how consistent your actions are with your words. I don’t want to fall for love letters or poems, for sweet Instagram captions or long birthday texts, I want to fall in love with you showing up on time and keeping your promises.

4. I want to take it slow. I want our story to work out in years, not months. I want to respect time and space this time.

5. I want to make sure I am not seeking love from you for the lack of love I have for myself. I want to make sure you aren’t a void I am filling in, you are not an alternative to the things I can’t give myself. I want to make sure you are not doing the same.

6. I want to work out with my insecurities and fears from the past. I don’t want to project them on you, I don’t want to subject you to the doubts, suspicion and anger I carry from the people I have known in the past.

7. Before I fall in love again, I want to make a mattress with you. Of understanding and respect and trust. So when we fall, it doesn’t hurt.

(via shareaquote)


Sometimes I want to run away
and I can’t decide
if I want to run to you
or from you.

-Kristen Costello

December 14 2017

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History according to Tumblr.

December 13 2017






imagine thinking its possible to vore away fascism


eat the fascists just fucking EAT THEM


A form of ethical consumption under capitalism

This is peak tumblr

December 10 2017

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Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator Butcher Billy got the idea of turning famous love hits into book covers of horror master Stephen King. 

Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” The Smiths, “Head Over Heels” by Tears For Fears and many others were portrayed in a very unusual way.

“This series imagines an alternate universe where some of the most desperate and tragic romantic songs in the ‘70s and’ 80s are actually books written by Stephen King. The concept is to look at the dark side of love by the vision of pop culture, bringing aspects of its classic stories to play the true meaning of the songs - this can be completely subverted or stressed strangeness, while paying tribute to the vintage design of the original covers,” Butcher writes on his Behance.

November 18 2017



Danica Roem refusing to shit talk Bob Marshall, the self-proclaimed Chief Homophobe bathroom bill author incumbent she defeated, by saying “I don’t do that to constituents” is simultaneously impressively gracious and the sickest fucking burn I’ve seen in a while.

“I don’t attack my constituents. Bob is my constituent now.”

I hope her remark is prominently displayed in history books for the next hundred years.

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