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May 06 2018


john mulaney talking about how much he loves his wife and roasting other male comedians that just talk shit on their wives is why The Gays like him so much because he’s what Straight Culture should be

May 04 2018

May the Fourth Be With You


Don’t forget to wear glitter, take your meds, and practice self-care in honor of our dear departed Space Mom.

Blessed Be She Who Drowned In Moonlight, Strangled By Her Own Bra


afab, or Assigned Fuckyou At Bastard


‪Mary Shelley created sci-fi and for what? men to fuck sexy robots? fuck you‬

May 02 2018


this is stomp dog it shows up to stomp away sadness

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“Why don’t you have any sales going on?”

“Why don’t you take your cheap ass back to Marshall’s where it belongs?”

“Let me speak to your manager.”

“Hey, if you wanna be told the same shit in a different voice, I do a really good Jack Nicholson.”

Do you have this patio set in a different color?
Yeah but fuck you its on the top shelf and I’m not getting a ladder. Eat a dick old lady.

“What!? Why is that your policy?!”

“To fuck with you, specifically. We do it differently for everyone else.”

*burns stack of expired coupons in front of customer*

“This food is dry and gross.”

“I thought I would serve food based on the customer today.”

*customer walks in 5 minutes to close with a trolley*

*me, screaming like a Banshee* FUCK OOOOOFFFFFFFFF

“There’s a hair in my food.” 

There’s a bitch in my restaurant. We all gotta deal.”

April 30 2018

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last day to reblog

you now you want to.

Gonna have to wait a whole year if you miss this.


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April 29 2018

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In honor of Janelle Monáe coming out I put together a lil graphic about bi & pan identities! This is based on my own experiences within the community as someone who uses both terms. It of course does not cover everything! Image description under the cut.

Keep reading

April 28 2018


Facts that adults don’t tell you about bullying

- Communication doesn’t work on bullies. Telling a bully they’re making you feel bad is the wrong way to go. They want to make you feel bad. That’s the point.

- being kind to a bully doesn’t always mean they’ll stop. Sometimes it means they’ll just use your kindness to manipulate you while still continuing to bully you.

- not every bully has a sympathetically tragic home life. Sometimes people are just mean. Sometimes people just get off on hurting others.

- on that note, a tough home life is a reason, not an excuse. You don’t have to put up with bullying because somebody’s life sucks, just like you don’t have to let someone mug you because they’re broke.

- in order to forgive someone, they have to apologize first. If your bully has not apologized to you, you do not owe them anything.

- getting bullied as a kid can still mess you up in adult life. Maybe kids grow out of being bullies, but the marks they left often don’t go away.

- there are ways to get people to stop bullying you, but they almost all involve being mean back.

- as long as parents keep raising shitty bullying kids, there will be bullies. No amount of assemblies and hand-drawn posters will fix the problem. It’s the parents’ fault.

April 26 2018

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Janelle Monáe photographed by JUCO for “Dirty Computer"

Why lush is so expensive




Please remember that Lush is a fair trade company. This means that all they pay ALL of their workers a livable amount, and don’t take advantage of workers and harvesters in third world countries like many brands do. They test none of their products on animals as well.

Please keep these things in mind! Just know there is a reason that they cannot sell their bath bombs for 99 cents each. Doing so would mean that hard workers are being under paid.

other reasons it’s expensive: 

  • constant checks on their resources - They will drop any company that they are partnered with if they learn that they are gathering ingredients in an inhumane way, harming the environment, or puts their people at risk
  • charity work - if you’ve ever heard of Charity Pot, it’s called such because 100% of the cost (not proceeds) go to charity. It’s not what’s left over after they’ve paid the workers or bought the ingredients, it’s every single cent. 
  • kitchens instead of factories - They dont have a big warehouse of stock. They don’t have processing plants. What they have are buildings with industrial kitchen equipment, where all products are made by hand. 
  • fighting animal testing - a lot of companies say that they dont do animal testing, but they don’t do anything to prevent animal testing and may use ingredients sourced from animal testing. Lush leads protests, creates bills, and spreads information, as well as only work with those who don’t use animal testing, in order to fight the system
  • helping their sources- If they find out that something is wrong with one of their companies, they’ll do what they can to fix it. That means, if something is broken, they will fix it, even though it’s just someone that they’re partnered with. 
  • delicate products - everything they sell has an expiration date, because it’s all made out of fresh ingredients and they use as little preservatives and unnatural things as they can. That and bathbombs break, all the time. They can’t sell it if it has any damage larger than a dime.

this is… actually really nice information to know? im too broke to be able to afford their products, so the only access to any info about them i have is either word of mouth or if i were to actually look up information about them. 

i always assumed it was some status symbol thing like apple but im always happy to learn that things arent like that!

April 25 2018


so I was lamenting my Transgenderedness today and I go “ugh why am I so bad at gender” and without missing a beat my boyfriend replied “I mean yeah you got an F the first time” and honesty I may never recover


reblog if you’re a lesbian who supports bi girls, a bi girl who supports lesbians, or if you want all wlw to have a nice day

April 24 2018

Thanks to streaming, recording industry revenues are back up to pre-internet levels, but musicians are poorer than ever


Since the days of Napster, record labels have recruited recording artists as allies in their fight against unauthorized music services, arguing that what was good for capital was also good for labor.

But as Teresa Nielsen Hayden says, “Just because you’re on their side, it doesn’t mean they’re on your side.”

Since the rise of streaming services, recording artists have complained bitterly about the pittances they receive in royalties, while the streaming services countered that they were sending billions to the labels, who were pocketing all the money without passing it on to the talent.

Last year, the record industry gained an extra $1.4 billion in new revenues, mostly from streaming, restoring its overall revenues to pre-internet levels, when the labels had grown accustomed to reselling the same music every couple of years in new formats (vinyl, 8-track, cassette, CD). Overall, streaming services remit $7.4 billion to rightsholders.

But musicians’ median income continues to fall, and it’s not hard to understand why: it just takes a basic grasp of supply and demand. The number of labels has dwindled to four, meaning fewer bidders to put musicians under contract, and thus ever-worsening basic contract terms. Signing with a label isn’t necessarily optional for artists: if you want to make music that incorporates samples, you’ll find that you need to sign up with a label or you’ll likely be refused a license.

Meanwhile, there has been a concomitant reduction in the number of online services that would help indie artists survive without a label, thanks in part to higher compliance costs demanded by the labels in the name of fighting copyright infringement (despite the immense expense of these measures, the labels would be the first to tell you that they’re not working). These costs reduce the likelihood of new entrants into the market – it’s one thing to start Youtube with a couple dudes in a garage; it’s another altogether to start a Youtube competitor in 2018 and raise a couple hundred million dollars extra in order to put together a Content ID-style system to forestall legal action from the record labels.

As the number of online services has dwindled, the extent to which they compete for musicians by offering better terms has likewise declined; indeed, it’s now become customary for Big Tech and Big Content to sit down and negotiate deals that indies are then forced to accept, effectively binding everyone – regardless of whether they’re signed to a label – into a sharecropper in the labels’ fields, with Big Tech serving as crew boss and enforcer.

The fight isn’t – and has never been – about Tech vs Content. It’s always been about labor vs capital – but in the early days, the forces of capital on the tech side were fragmented, mutually uncooperative, and competitive, and could be played off against each other. More than a decade later and the copyright wars has helped Big Tech grow into a unified front, jointly presented with the entertainment industry (with minor, occasional skirmishes), arrayed against the working artists of the world and the fans that love them.



I honestly always find the term ‘spinster’ as referring to an elderly, never-married woman as funny because you know what?

Wool was a huge industry in Europe in the middle ages. It was hugely in demand, particularly broadcloth, and was a valuable trade good. A great deal of wool was owned by monasteries and landed gentry who owned the land. 

And, well, the only way to spin wool into yarn to make broadcloth was by hand. 

This was viewed as a feminine occupation, and below the dignity of the monks and male gentry that largely ran the trade. 

So what did they do?

They hired women to spin it. And, turns out, this was a stable job that paid very well. Well enough that it was one of the few viable economic options considered ‘respectable’ outside of marriage for a woman. A spinster could earn quite a tidy salary for her art, and maintain full control over her own money, no husband required. 

So, naturally, women who had little interest in marriage or men? Grabbed this opportunity with both hands and ran with it. Of course, most people didn’t get this, because All Women Want Is Husbands, Right?

So when people say ‘spinster’ as in ‘spinster aunt’, they are TRYING to conjure up an image of a little old lady who is lonely and bitter. 

But what I HEAR are the smiles and laughter of a million women as they earned their own money in their own homes and controlled their own fortunes and lived life on their own terms, and damn what society expected of them. 

so I made out with this girl on Saturday and she took one of my fave fake lashes (I’m a performer) and now she really wants to buy them back for me. and I’m like “girl, chill” because what else am I supposed to do. even though they were my faves and more importantly, I paid for them.

pro-tip: don’t take someone else’s lashes.

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