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May 20 2018

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May 15 2018


we’re here 

we’re queer

space: the final frontier






homophobes are not allowed to use computers because the inventor of the computer was gay

People think this is just a joke but Alan Turing was the inventor of the computer and his sexuality was illegal in his time (which was not even 100 years ago) and he was arrested. They put him on drugs that destroyed his genius brain and committed suicide a year after being covicted. He was gay and a war hero as well. He helped to break enigma which was a German code that they put all their messages through. He shorted WWII by two years and saved so many lives in the process.

Friendly reminder that if not for Alan Turing you wouldn’t be reading this post and we might be ruled by the nazis

The Alan Turing statue on my campus

He should not be forgotten…

May 14 2018





recommend me queer webcomics pls im dying

*rolls up sleeves* my time has come

always human is scifi and very gay

honey and venom is about a gay goddess in a modern world

eerie crests hasn’t really started yet but it looks really good and gay

tripping over you is about a queer couple

o human star is scifi and gay and one of the mcs is trans

go get a roomie is a comc made up of four page strips and it’s so good (the first like 3 chapters are mostly lesbian sex jokes but eventually there’s a plot)

super cakes is about a superhero couple

milkshakes is short and cute

lady of the shard is incredible and gay and takes place in SPACE

monster pop is honestly precious

14 nights is queer and nsfw and the art is soooooo good

the epic adventures of tj and amal: gay roadtrip (nsfw in places)

the witches bakery is adorable although it hasn’t been updated in a while

bad bad things is an apocalypse comic with all queer main characters

desert rose is about a trans boy and is fantasy

goth western is about a lady couple, one of whom necromanced the other back to life

heavy horns  is pretty gay

full-spectrum therapy is horror and very queer and VERY PRETTY i read it for the first time like 2 days ago but i’m in love

ok I love this and I’m gonna add some: 

Sharp Zero is p gay and with lots of superheroes and just-so inclusive and good! 

Rock and Riot pastel gays in the 50s and it’s wonderful

Griefer Belt a criminal slice of life (p violent but also so fluffy and nsfw in some places) 

HotBlood! a centaur and his boyfriend in the old american west

Princess Princess this! is! just! so! cute!

George and Johnny super gay and super cute

Les Normaux the love lives of modern monsters in paris

Blossom Boys your average miscommunication in a flower shop story

As the Crow Flies Gay and trans kids having a hard time at a christian summer camp. Slow moving but beautiful, intersectional and hurty. Really well done, by the same artist who did the mermaid wedding.

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Comics I’ve made this month for Its Nice That.

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lesbians in space


its actualy really fascinating, the reason they are considering making the mission to mars all female ACTUALLY doesnt have to do with “impure sexual thoughts” or anyhing it has to do with a multitude of factors, for example (cis) women astronauts tend to be smaller and require less food, nasa also did a series of studies showing that in groups, all woman groups showed better cooperation and teamwork than mixed or all men groups, and also probably the most interesting reason is that (cis) mens eyesight is damaged in space travel for reasons we dont even understand yet, for some strange reason the vast majority of men who have been into space have suffered damage to their eyesight and yet almost no women have had this issue, and scientists are still trying to figure out why but in the meantime sending men into space for long periods of time is a huge concern because they may go blind over time … just thought that that headline was a little reductionist and sensationalist so i had to comment, that being said tho…


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i scrolled past this an hour ago and thats when the winston/hanzo drama started happening so im obligated to reblog this to dispense with the bad energy. sorry

May 13 2018

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The International Phonetic Alphabet consonants found in English, with keywords and relevant parts of the mouth highlighted and colour-coded. (Source.) 

Pronouncing each of these in sequence is a very strange and amusing physical sensation, and I highly recommend it.

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Here’s our Top 10. of 2017

Thanks for reading everybody. It’s a pleasure to make these silly comics and to receive all the crazy love. See you next year!  

May 12 2018

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4800 players, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Speedrun

its not even music anymore it’s just a shockwave that kills you instantly

just how beethoven intended

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Your death is a preexisting condition and we cannot afford to cover every resurrection. I already have mine scheduled. Die mad about it.

Republican Jesus™

ok i try to keep religion off of my blog, but this is hilarious

It’s funny because they’re nothing like the religion they hold on to so dearly lol… These memes are dead on



joking about a kink is a gateway drug into developing said kink

my kink is mental, emotional, and financial stability

May 10 2018

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I don’t see a downside

*buys several boxes of chocolate* 

(concerned) Motherfucker?

*gives to charity*

(pleased) Motherfucker

*pays children’s cafeteria bills*

(impressed) Motherfucker…!

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frozen sweet blue tea with lemon, it is bright blue naturally, but lemon makes it purple



May 08 2018




no offense but sweet dreams are literally made of this and.. who am i to disagree

op literally travelled the world and the seven seas but go off I guess

Everyone in this post is looking for something

I gotta admit I do not understand the appeal of underboob. every time I see photos of it, I think “give that poor titty some support!”

May 07 2018

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i scrolled past this an hour ago and thats when the winston/hanzo drama started happening so im obligated to reblog this to dispense with the bad energy. sorry

Need my job thanks

May 06 2018

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this user fucking hates nazis

I want to make it clear, too, that I count nazi apologists as nazis for this, too.

Nazi ideology revolves around racial superiority to the point of genocide. It’s a political ideology that should be shamed out of existence. 

this user absolutely and unequivocally hates Nazis and Nazi apologists

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